The Victorious Airborne (current)

John Daniel (Forest Management) calls my project The Victorious Airborne “damaged pop.”

Basically, take some sad guitar, some cello (my wife Danae), and listen inside a glass crusher.

I released one album a few years ago and I’ve been working on another one for 6 years. One day, I’ll put it out there.

Kairos House (former)

I used to play bass and write in Kairos House, a sort of mashup of Sigur Ros and math rock.

Kairos House’s full album Dormant Seed is available on Bandcamp, or you can listen below.

The band was formerly known as Albatross. The full-length Invisible, O Let Me In was released under that name. Listen below:

Contemporary art music

I wrote a 35-minute piano sonata in my early 20s. A recording by the pianist Richard Jeric is available above.

My violin and piano sonata appears on the same album. I recorded it with my sister-in-law, MaeLynn Arnold-Chang.