Saving God’s Appearances

Saving God's Appearances I realized why I'm allergic to so much systematic theology. It's because that method of approaching scripture attempts a science of revelation, which is almost tantamount to a science of God. The very word "theology" displays this in its etymology. A science of God is fascinating, but problematic if we make it

The Leader of the Free World

THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0-SA. In The Meaning of History (1936), Nikolai Berdyaev claimed that the world was entering a new medieval age. His prediction must have sounded odd as society was becoming increasingly mechanized, rationalistic, and scientific. But today,


APOCALYPSE I'M CONSUMED WITH a blinding ambition. It’s not enough to be this or that. I rage, rage for the beyond. I used to wait, thinking it would come to me eventually. Now I work and see that it almost comes. I rant against life all day in my

Process As a Catalyst to Creative Flow

This sounds so cheesy, but it's really important to me. I have to write drafts on paper (except this one, I'm lazy), and sometimes, I have to make a big mess to find my way through something. I'm a big proponent of the messy desk, and I fully believe in leaving stuff wherever you

Dying Day

DYING DAY If today is to be another dying day, Then let me die. I won’t make, push, thrive, Or try to get from here to there. I am too tired in my heart and head, Too near the failure To which all endeavors circle round. If you are above me, stay and

I Find Myself In My Screen

I FIND MYSELF IN MY SCREEN I find myself in my screen. There are things to say and things to be said. I am the universe and you are my stars. © 2014 by George T. Anderson. All rights reserved.

A Beautist Manifesto

We were born into a world of technological and capitalistic malaise--a place that still echoed with shouts of work, work, even as the work which older generations accomplished built the intelligent machine that needed no more workers. We were taught to go to college and learn to prepare for a career, but the sandcastle notion of

A Short Story

"Hey, what are you doing?" she said. "You should start a trashy, hipster sludge-metal band called Doom-pster." "But I already invented the genre of post-post," he said. "That would be a bit of a retrogression for me."

Lost in the sea of art and commerce

I've been writing novels since I was young. I've worked weird jobs that have no relation to each other. My career path is something like a haze, not a line. I'm tired. Been reading about Herman Melville. His career imploded when he published his masterpiece, Moby-Dick. The public hated the nihilism, the existential angst. Only